Molly Box

Art & Photography

Molly (Box) Donnell  is an award winning artist, photographer and graphic designer who is native to Wyoming. Her passion for culture, the West and the great outdoors can easily been seen through her work. This site is a portfolio of her art and photography.

Artist Statement/Bio



   My goal is to capture the American West as it is now, rather than the mythology of what it used to be. My main mediums are oil paint and pen and ink, with a few diviations into mixed media projects. I like to depict many of the traditional Western themes of wildlife, livestock and rodeo, with a twist in style and interpretation.   I usually work from observation and my own photography, but increasingly pull from imagination.  I believe it is possible to represent the West with vibrant color, impressionistic style, modernity, and sometimes a touch of surrealism, which is what makes my work unique.  My strongest theme is my work with trout as subjects, reflecting on my love of fly-fishing.


 I started at a young age by drawing from the great Wyoming wilderness around me, and my emphasis has always been wildlife art.

I was fortunate enough to study art at the University of Wyoming, and during that time I also studied abroad in France and participated in art classes there. I was heavily influenced by Post-Impressionism and Expressionism. Characteristics of these movements was using subjects pulled from direct observation, heavy stylistic adjustments and vibrant color, among others. I began to develop a looser, more impressionistic style. I also moved from solely grayscale drawings to using color with paint and ink. In college, I also did a lot of work from the human figure (which brought more life and movement to my work), as well as some architecture and still life. 

After graduating from college, in 2008, I returned to Cheyenne and have been working to establish myself as a regional artist. Currently, my main mediums are ink and oils, and my subjects are usually pulled from my own environment and interest in nature.  I have been fly-fishing since an early age, and trout are quickly becoming my favorite subject. I recently dove into wildlife and rodeo photography, and usually use the photos for my art projects or even to sell as prints. I am fortunate to live in a place still covered in open land, and to be an "emerging" artist who lives here. I want to depict that there still is a wilderness, a place where you can still see large game animals grazing right across the street, without romanticizing and looking back to the past.